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2015 Line-up

Corb Lund
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Friday - quirky country in the best way possible


Are you kidding me... this Friday night is over the top and we are really excited about this line-up kicking off Wild Mountain 2015.

Wild Mountain has been interested in signing Corb Lund for years, but we haven't been able to get our schedules to align. Lund and his music is perfect for the Rockies and the most beautiful festival site on earth and we are thrilled that he will headline Friday night of Wild Mountain 2015.

Corb Lund will supported by a very strong line-up, from the story-telling Del Barber, to the fully hot Ridley Bent, the little bit country and a little bit rock & roll performance of Marystown, the powerful and soulful Kimberley MacGregor and NQ Arbuckle closing out the show. NQ Arbuckle are proud rednecks and their full speed, Saloon style country, is the perfect end to great night. Bring a jacket and stay to the end, you won't want to miss any of Friday at Wild Mountain 2015.



Corb Lund

Corb Lund makes music which calls to mind traditional country standard singers like the old "singing cowboys". There are elements of classic Gene Autry, Tex Ritter, and Roy Rogers in what he does - all the old-school singers who predated Nashville and Music Row's influence over country, but with a contemporary twist to keep it interesting.More corb Lund


Del Barber

Good songs are the result of hard work, calloused fingers and learned lessons from a life well lived...

A Winnipegger, but home on the roam, the worn-in Barber will appeal to fans of Jim Cuddy or Justin Rutledge. He writes about Monday-morning mirrors, streetlights that serve for stars, and often about fire: “Choking on the smoke, trying to get warm.” more del barber


Kimberley MacGregor

Kimberley MacGregor is a seasoned singer-songwriter musician who believes breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that whisky is a health tonic. She preciously crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind, and stomp your feet. MacGregor is soulful and just a little edgy, you won't want to miss this big voice.More kimberley macgregor


Ridley Bent

The enigmatic Ridley Bent is the 2009 CCMA nominee and 7-time BCCMA winner and he brings his “wicked country band” back to Wild Mountain. Bent and his band have been twice before and each time has left us wanting more. Ridley Bent's songs showcases his keen fascination for characters whose life on the straight and narrow rarely lasts past the nearest exit to a short, crooked road.
more ridley bent



A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll and a whole lot in-between. From swooning, swinging and shuffling to ripping, raging, and roaring, This  genre-bending performance honours all music... get ready for a great show.


More marystown


NQ Arbuckle

Every show is an uprising, a groundswell... but don’t let the self-deprecation or inebriation imply that NQ Arbuckle isn’t serious about the music. This multiple Juno nominee plays high-energy saloon style country that will be the perfect end to a great day on Friday.
More Nq arbuckle


Saturday - The anchor to wild mountain 2015 


Saturday will start with the first two performers from the Wild Mountain Mash Up. The winners are the four best performances from three nights of auditions. They are excited to play and we are thrilled to foster these up and coming performers!  


It was Quirky Country on Friday, so on Saturday we will rock it out a little. Stylistically, we'll really mix it up; Saturday's performances were chosen for their energy. Starting with Sarah Burton, with her crazy energy, the elegance and power of Whitehorse and with our Saturday headliner Sloan.  Plan to stay up on Saturday as we will finish up with the lunacy of the Kemo Treats.  Get ready for a fantastic day!


Wild Mountain has been busy  




This year the quality is, top to bottom, the best that's been to Wild Mountain, capped off by Sloan, a Canadian band that has never sold out.  Through 10 albums, 30 singles, numerous EP's, live recordings and many bootlegs Sloan has stayed true to their vision for making music with great guitar licks and matching harmonies. Saturday is going to be an amazing day of music!

MORE sloan 


Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton has made her way through acoustic folk beginnings, into country swing and steel guitars, then electrifying blues-rock. Her latest work doesn't just embrace indie-pop, but returns to her first inspiration; the piano.  Sarah writes with wit, describing slices of life in unique detail.  A Sarah Burton performance will run the gamut of styles, but is always high-energy fun.

MORE sarah burton 


Delhi 2 Dublin

Each year Wild Mountain invites the 'unexpected' crowd favourite from the year before.  This year its Delhi 2 Dublin. Last year they left the crowd exhausted and sweaty. They challenge the definition of urban music and drag it to the intersection of Bhangra, Celtic, Dub Reggae and Electronica, creating their own niche. Listen for the fiddle and the drums and hurry to the field. 

MORE delhi 2 dublin 


The Dungarees

The Dungarees have a definitive musical mandate; take the undeniable lyrical styling, twangy telecaster and steel guitar that they love from classic country and inject it with modern intensity and pop sensibility.  Hope to meet you at the edge of the stage while two-stepping to The Dungarees; miss them at your own peril!

MORE the dungarees 


Elliott Brood

Formed in 2002 and sharing vocals and trading instruments - each of the band-members seem to play everything - Elliott Brood has become one of the premier acts in Canadian roots music. With multiple Juno nominations, a Juno win and after being shortlisted for the Polaris Prize, Elliott Brood brings their energy back to the Wild Mountain.  When planning your weekend; this is a must see!  

MORE elliott brood 


Kemo Treats

Get Ready for the Kemo Treats, theyare  like nothing else at Wild Mountain (maybe ever)... get ready for a sonic beat down. They are witty and their lyrics belt out over a backing of wholly original genre-bending pre-programmed beats. The costumes and the dancers will leave some scratching their heads, but if you don't enjoy these Saturday night closers, we'll be surprised.  

MORE kemo treats 


Romi Mayes

Mayes is known for her powerful lyrical ability that gives life to the words she sings. Her insightful sweet & edgy vocals paint pictures of heart on her sleeve sincerity and a road well traveled. The talented players that surround her are another confirmation of how her honest abilities draw the best of the best toward her authentic brand of roots music. 

MORE romi mayes 



Son House, once said ‘I’m talking about the blues, I ain’t talking ’bout no monkeyjunk.’  This year we ARE talkin' bout MonkeyJunk. Wild Mountain has tried for a couple of year to book Juno Award winners MonkeyJunk and this year is the year... we are excited to have them and we can't wait for them to light up the Wild Mountain Stage with their unique take on Swamp Roots Blues!

MORE monkeyjunk 



Two acclaimed musicians joining forces under one new name – no drummer, no keyboard player, violinist or even bass player, just Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. The live show has been anything but simple with live loops, bits and pieces percussion, Doucet’s raging White Falcon guitar and McClelland’s elegant vocals strikes combine for one of Canada's finest live acts!

MORE whitehorse 


Sunday - Full speed energy on sunday afternoon


Several years ago we considered dropping Sunday and focusing on Friday and Saturday. Are we ever glad we didn't drop Sunday. It is a nice wind-down, but this year we really bring a lot of energy to Sunday. Bill Durst and Sarah Smith are well known for their live performance, the silky but very distinctive Jadea Kelly, Billie Zizi brings her fusion of jazz, folk and soul and then the OKA experience.  It was a little late, but Wild Mountain is over-the-top that we have Joel Plaskett Emergency to headline our Sunday, get ready for an amazing day of music.

The weather is guaranteed beautiful, buy your tickets early, enjoy some beers in the beer tent and book off Monday, your work will still be there on Tuesday morning.



Bill Durst

We have tried for a couple of years to get our schedules together with Bill Durst and his band. Durst builds on his many influences and brings his unique and well-honed sound to the Wild Mountain main stage. He is a show stopper, jaw dropper and will rev it up on Sunday, one of the most intimate days each year at Wild Mountain. Don’t miss this one…More bill durst



Jadea Kelly

An achingly distinct voice, reminiscent of Iris DeMent. Jadea Kelly's most recent recording, 'Clover', is a powerful new collection of songs, rich and heavy. Kelly has been described as one of the shining jewels in the crown of Canadian songwriters'.  Wild Mountain is lucky to have her come and perform at Wild Mountain 2015.

More jadea kelly




A rhythm based sonic tapestry crossing cultural boundaries, embracing the future without losing sight of the past. “Try to imagine Bob Marley meets Stevie Wonder via the chemical brothers, on acid, playing in a steaming rainforest with a didgeridoo and you are getting close."More oka



Joel Plaskett Emergency

From his days with Thrush Hermit, through to forming Joel Plaskett Emergency, Dartmouth's Joel Plaskett has built on his Maritime roots, telling stories that need to be told. If you don't already own the latest recording Park Avenue Sobriety Test, you should. Each recording has been supported with extensive touring and anyone who has seen Joel Plaskett Emergency live knows that we are in for a hell of show on Sunday afternoon to close down Wild Mountain 2015. Make sure not working on Monday and if you do, go sleepy!



Sarah Smith

As the lead singer for The Joys, Sarah Smith earned international acclaim as The Joys achieved success at home and abroad.  Along the lines Melissa Ethridge or Bonnie Raitt, Sarah brings sensitivity and power to her performance. Smith’s big voice and infectious smile makes for a great live performance, one that you don’t want to miss...more sarah smith


Billie Zizi

Unique is good and Zizi has plenty of unique as she blends jazz and the sensibilities of folk. Get ready for a great show from an interesting Edmonton performer.more billie ziziE

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