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Camping at #wildmtnmusic is part of the show!

Your weekend pass gets you into the festival site, but every person in your vehicle must have a wristband to access the field. 

  • Wild Mountain takes place on the Entrance Ranch, eight kilometers north of Hinton on the most beautiful festival site on earth. The Entrance Ranch has been a friend of Wild Mountain, from the beginning.  Come and experience the show.
  • Zero Tolerance on abusive behaviour. Such behaviour will result in immediate expulsion from the site.  Have fun, but don't ruin the fun for others.
  • Security will enforce quiet time once the music ends.  Stay up but don't keep everyone else up. You'll want to be up in the morning anyhow; our line-up is that good.
  • Camping is rustic, no water or power hook ups... showers available on Monday, when you get home.
  • Campers are parked as they arrive. Trailers that don't arrive together, won't be able to camp together, thanks for your understanding in the logistical challenge of parking that many units as quickly as possible.
  • Generators have to be off by midnight. Special arrangements can be made for medical needs. It'll work better if we respect one another.
  • Designated handicapped site are available with a handicap hang tag. 
  • All sites are a short walk from the Wild Mountain Stage.

Gates will be open:

Thursday - 4 pm to 8 pm

Friday - Gates open at 10 am

Gates are closed at 11 pm each night.

No Glass, Dogs, ATV's, Unapproved Drones, or Hot Tubs!

This is a working ranch. Pick up your butts, keep the garbage in the barrels and no dumping!

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