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Is there camping?

The field is rustic, so bring everything you need. Your weekend passes get you onto the field with your camper or tent.

For more information click on camping. No open fires are allowed.  We have expanded the camping area and we will run out of tickets before we run out of camping. This is a working ranch so there is absolutely no dumping in the area. Canadian Tire and the campground in front of the Hinton Centre has dump stations. There are no hookups and please practice zero-trace camping (pack out what you pack in). The site is a spectacular spot... we want to help Rocky keep The Entrance Ranch clean.

What are the hours of the gates?

Gates will open to park campers on Thursday from 4 pm until 8 pm.  If you don't get to the field, the gates will reopen at 10 am.  We have room for everyone, so be polite.  Every person in your vehicle must have  a wristband or they will not be allowed on the field. Gates close each night at midnight. No vehicle traffic is allowed after that.

Is there a shuttle?

Wild Mountain will run a shuttle from three drop off/pick up spots in Hinton to the festival site. There will be a shuttle that will get you to the show prior to the start of the music and they run until well after the music ends, so you can ride the shuttle and not miss any of the fun.

Can we bring the kids?

Wild Mountain is a family friendly event, with lots of families in attendance. Kids ages twelve and under are free!  The Wild Mountain Children's Area has activities planned for the kids and Entrance Ranch, which hosts Wild Mountain, has horse rides and trail rides over the weekend.

Is there recycling on site?

We are green and will have a station to recycle paper, glass, cardboard and plastics.  Keep all garbage in the bins and we will keep the field as clean as possible.

My pet is family, can they come?

No pets are allowed on the field or in your campers.  A few bad apples ruined it for the rest of you responsible pet owners.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Wild Mountain has the best beer tent with great views of both performance stages so you don't have to miss any of the shows. No alcohol is allowed on the festival performance field and must be maintained in the beer tent and/or at your campsite. No glass please! (Booze or drinking cups)

Is there a store at the festival?

Wild Mountain General Store - We carry the basics in case you forgot something important at home!

Are there RV hookups?

Wild Mountain is rustic and there are no hook-ups.  Since this is a working ranch please take everything that you bring in out with you when you leave. Cigarette butts are toxic to horses, so respect the ranch and do not throw butts on the ground.

What can't I bring?

No pets, glass items, ATV's, Hot-Tubs (yes we have had to deal with draining a tub, which nearly drowned a near-by tenter), or drones - we have had an issue with drones not respecting people's privacy.

*Respect one another and the land and lets just have a great time together!

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