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2016 Line-up!

Dan Mangan
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We are really thrilled with the show we have planned for Wild Mountain 2016. It is diverse and as good as we have ever offered. To see what we are excited about, click on the link for a preview of what you can expect at Wild Mountain 2016 on July 15, 16 and 17!


Click for a Soundcloud preview of what to expect at Wild Mountain Wild Mountain 2016 Lineup!


To view the performance times click Wild Mountain 2016 Performance Schedule... these times are subject to change.


kick it off with boogie patrol & the mad dog experience on wednesday, July 13th (take the whole week off of work!)


Wild Mountain has partnered with Hinton On Stage to bring Hinton something completely special. Boogie Patrol is always a great night out, but they are coming with friends... lots of them.  We wanted to bring the Festival to the community and this does it in a big way and is a fundraiser to keep live music vibrant in Hinton. Hinton On Stage does a great job every year, come and support their efforts.  


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hinton Centre

Doors Open - 7 pm

Music at - 8 pm

Cost - $20 in support of Wild Mountain and Hinton On Stage

Tickets at Wild Orchid Liquor Company and Chic & Savvy (over The Old Grind)

You must be 18 or older to attend



90 minutes of classic Boogie Patrol, western Canada's premier Funk, Soul & Blues Rock Band and it cranks up from there. Full horn section, a couple of drummers, percussion, Boogie Patrol's guitars and silky backups... 12 of Alberta's best R&B players fronted by Boogie Patrol's Dan Shinnan, bring you their tribute to Joe Cocker, one of the greatest Rock & Roll, Soul & Blues Singers of all time; every note with passion!MORE on the mad dog experience





This year, Friday night has a little bit of everything. We will kick it off with the always interesting Mary-Lee Bird Band, then some country with Petunia & the Vipers; some great rock & roll with White Lightning; and blues with Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. Dan Mangan is always stretching lyrically and musically and this 2-time Juno winner is the perfect headliner for a Friday night so full of variety. Finally, we will close down the night with Shred Kelly.  Shred Kelly's live shows are high-energy and it is impossible to avoid dancing.



Dan Mangan

An intelligent songwriter who is always stretching the limits lyrically and musically. Friday night is going to be a real ride and this multi-Juno award winner is a great selection to headline the evening. Creative and always moving musically...

Click for Dan Mangan TunesMORE DAN MANGAN



The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer

Armed with an arsenal of harmonicas, a mess of foot percussion and a road-worn Telecaster, the duo kick out raw and primal blues in the tradition of a “decades-deep blues style”, while infusing the genre with a jolt of renewed energy. This duo has really lit it up in the past few years, don't miss them at Wild Mountain 2016. 


Click for The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer Tunes

MORE The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer



Mary-Lee Bird Band

Mary-Lee won the Mashup in 2015 and is back because of it. Mary-Lee is a crowd favourite around here, growing up in Hinton and being part of the arts in our community for a long time. Musically, get ready for something completely different.  


Click for Mary-Lee Bird Band TunesMORE MARY-LEE BIRD BAND



Petunia & the Vipers

Petunia & The Vipers thrive on the challenge of adding Latin rhythms to a country blues tune, or gypsy flavouring to a rockabilly standard. Petunia defies convention and yet there is some conservancy to his music. Their songwriting is honest and the live performance is always high energy!


Click for Petunia & the Vipers TunesMORE PETUNIA & tHE vIPERS



Samson's Delilah

Fearless, unique, soul full world folk, funk, rock opera. With a fierce intensity weaving throughout their soundscapes, utterly captivating, Samson’s Delilah will leave their mark. Heavily influenced by latin guitar, reggae, rock and other world music, driven with thought provoking songwriting, you will not be disappointed by the fusion. A festival favourite!  

 MORE samson's delilah



Shred Kelly

Speaking with someone about Shred Kelly joining us for Wild Mountain in 2016 and their comment was "get ready to dance", a common reaction to a Shred Kelly performance. Since their inception, the Fernie, BC based band have been re-defining “folk music”. They amplify the traditional folk sound and give it a contemporary approach, pushing the boundaries of the genre, and creating “Stoke-Folk”!


Click for Shred Kelly TunesMORE Shred Kelly



White Lightning

If you spend any time in the Edmonton music scene, you will have heard rumblings about White Lightning. The band finds influence in many styles and their live show is electric.  Another great high-energy addition to the Friday lineup!


Click for White Lightning TunesMORE White Lightning



 Saturday - What an unbelievable day of music 


Wild Mountain loves to support our Canadian artists and we are thrilled to bring Serena Ryder to the Wild Mountain Stage to headline Wild Mountain 2016.  Serena became a professional musician early in life and on the strength of her voice and her songwriting she built a solid career in Canada with a number of Junos and a couple of gold records. Her breakthrough recording Unlikely Emergency in 2005, caught the attention of the critics, but Serena's career exploded in 2012 with the release of her fifth recording Harmony. The recording went Platinum with singles “Stompa” and “What I Wouldn’t Do” and Ryder became internationally recognized.  She has discussed a 2016 release for a new recording. Wild Mountain is thrilled to have her and her band headline our Saturday lineup.


Saturday features some a fabulously mix of country with Carolyn Mark, Lindi Ortega, NQ Arbuckle and the hall of famer Russell deCarle and his Trio. The Hearts, an Edmonton favourite brings a great live show, but with honest songwriting. We will round out the day with The Rural Alberta Advantage, Chad Vangaalen and OQO.  Following Serena Ryder, we will bring down house with Miss Quincy & the Showdown to close out the night. 



Serena Ryder

Wild Mountain is thrilled to welcome Serena Ryder to our stage. It has been a  bit of a wait since the meteoric rise of Harmony, but Serena Ryder is scheduled for a new release in 2016.  She is known for her a strong live performances and we can't wait to turn her loose on the Wild Mountain audience. Get ready for a great show!


Click for Serena Ryder Tunesmore Serena ryder 


Carolyn Mark

From Sicamous, British Columbia, Carolyn Mark has built a career on her strong vocals and great songwriting. Last year she hopped on to the stage with NQ Arbuckle for a couple of tunes and lit the crowd up. In 2016 we please to have Carolyn Mark join us for the whole show. 


Click for Carolyn Mark Tunesmore Carolyn Mark 


Chad Vangaalen

Vangaalen is a creative musician, constantly experimenting with his instruments and with his voice. Another local son, Vangaalen, hails from Calgary, but toured extensively, establishing himself as sought after performer.


Click for Chad Vangaalen Tunes

more Chad Vangaalen


The Hearts

Their sound combines retro-pop, folk rock and electronica, yet in all its flash, it remains honest and straightforward, with the 'heart' standing out in the mix. The pride of Edmonton, Alberta, The Hearts are another fabulous performer from the Alberta music scene.


Click for The Hearts Tunesmore The Hearts 


Lindi Ortega

Great songs, a truly magnificent voice and a wholesome performer, Ortega is the whole package. Traditional country and some southern influences invade her most recent writing. Lindi Ortega is so natural on the stage and her band, is hot as a pistol!


Click for Lindi Ortega Tunesmore lindi ortega 


Miss Quincy & The Showdown

Miss Quincy brings a full-speed performance every time she climbs on the stage. This is the perfect end to a day where the women really rule. After spending the winter in Toronto, Los Angeles and Melbourne the band is inspired to showcase new songs and hit the long hard roads of the Canadian tour trail for some late nights, bad-ass grooves and festival stages.


Click for Miss Quincy & the Showdownmore Miss Quincy


NQ Arbuckle

Each year we bring the crowd favourite back to Wild Mountain. This year it is NQ Arbuckle. The toughest act of any day is closing down the show. Last year NQ Arbuckle killed it closing out our alt-Country Friday and they are back with a key time slot on Saturday. NQ Arbuckle has earned a solid reputation for the quality of their live performance; you won't want to miss the band this year!


Click for NQ Arbuckle Tunesmore NQ Arbuckle 



Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is a favourite in this area and with Wild Mountain particularly. OQO is a logical extension of the TMO as their accordion, violin and bass player join together for the very contemporary take on the very traditional. Stretch your wings!


Click for OQO Tunes more OQO 


The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage (The RAA) is a trio from Ontario that has been tearing up the Canadian festival scene for the past several years. Wild Mountain has tried to sign them before, but this is the year and they will join a very strong Saturday lineup.


Click for The Rural Alberta Advantage Tunes

more The Rural Alberta Advantage


Russell deCarle Trio

As lead vocalist and bassist of iconic Canadian country roots band Prairie Oyster, deCarle is no stranger to awards and accolades. Over their career the 2008 CCMA Hall of Honour inductees have racked up an impressive list of JUNO and Canadian Country Music Awards, gold and platinum selling records and number one singles. As a songwriter deCarle has also been honoured with two SOCAN Song of the Year Awards.  When you can get a legend to come to the show its always a good thing.


Click for Russell deCarle Trio Tunesmore Russell deCarle Trio 

Sunday - always a beautiful day of music!


Wild Mountain has really focused on making Sunday a great day of music, the appropriate wind-down to a perfect festival. 2015 set a new standard for energy on Sunday, but take a look at what Wild Mountain has in store for you this year!


The Leigh Freisen Band will kick things off, Laura Vinson & Free Spirit will follow with a featured performance by a dancer from British Columbia. Twin Peaks is hard to peg and are making lots of noise on the festival circuit. Then we have the Juno Award winners Digging Roots and Old Man Leudecke prior to Buffy Sainte-Marie making the stage... my God we are going to be exhausted at the end of this Sunday! Book Monday off of work and make your way home slowly.


The weather is guaranteed beautiful, buy your tickets early, enjoy some beers in the beer tent and book off Monday, your work will still be there on Tuesday and this Sunday Line-Up shouldn't be missed; capice! 



Buffy Sainte-Marie

Wild Mountain has had some really iconic performers grace our stage, but we can't wait to have Buffy perform for you. She has a couple of dates in Alberta, but the rest are solo gigs, Wild Mountain is getting Buffy with her full band and if you have spent any time with the new recording, you'll know they can turn it up and turn it on. Buffy has been garnering stellar reviews, so don't miss the performance!

Click for Buffy Sainte-Marie Tunes




Digging Roots

JUNO Award winning, genre-blurring, indie roots innovators Digging Roots is one of the highlights on this really special Sunday afternoon.  They confidently blend roots and blues with a nomadic wanderlust into other melodic terrain.  Digging Roots are an obvious choice on our aboriginal influenced Sunday. The band is famous for their live performance, so you won't want to miss this.


Click for Digging Roots Tunes




Laura Vinson & Free Spirit

30 years in the music business, Laura has been involved in many musical projects, but recently her and her band brought a Native influenced performance 

to the stages of Europe and North America and now we get it all at Wild Mountain!

Click for Laura Vinson TunesMORE ABOUT laura vinson & free spirit




The Leigh Friesen Band

Leigh is an old friend and musician who has booked his time on the road honing his craft. Leigh's songwriting brings influences from roots, blues, rock & country.  More than once, Leigh's songs have torn at my heart as he is a soulful storyteller and lucky he has lived a life with stories to tell.


Click for Leigh Friesen TunesMORE ABOUT tHE LEIGH FRIESEN BAND





Old Man Luedecke

One of the most wholesome performers that you will experience anywhere. His songs are soulful and about life in Canada, particularly the Maritimes. Luedecke can be rhythmic and silly or sparse and bluesy and he can write a ripper. Old Man Luedecke has played locally in the past, but we are so pleased to add him to our Sunday line-up; enjoy! 

Click for Old Man Luedecke Tunes

more old man luedecke



Twin Peaks

Rich harmonies, a piano, a guitar, two ukuleles and unlimited wit are at the heart of Twin Peaks - an emerging folk/roots with undertones of classic country and contemporary roots. It is eclectic, creative and clever. Born and raised in the northern BC city of Fort St. John, their music reflects small town wisdom with lively humour and songs that immediately capture an audience.

Click for Twin Peaks Tunes

MORE twin Peaks




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