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2017 Lineup

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Lineup Overview

Music is tied to memories in a special way. A song can become engraved in your mind and every time you hear it, it will take you back. Wild Mountain is an incredible way to make memories with your family that will last forever, all in the shade of the Rockies at the Original Crossroads.

Wild Wednesday

Kick off the Wild Mountain Music Festival with one of of the HOTTEST NIGHTS of music in Hinton this year!!!!!

Learn More and get your tickets to this exciting kick-off event.

Bill Durst

Bill Durst has been pumping it out since the late 60's and Wild Mountain thrilled to kick-off our tenth anniversary with Bill Durst and his special guests Joe Nolan & the Dogs.

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If we were to describe wild mountain with one word, it would be “real”. The music. The food. The venue. It's all… Real. Even when you find it hard to believe that it is, that you're in some special piece of magic, we promise, it's real. Join us at the Original Crossroads and see it for yourself.

Artist Name

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From the opening guitar riff of ‘Ocean Pearl’, or the unforgettable baritone hook of ‘I Go Blind’, if you grew up in Canada in the 90’s, 54•40 was the soundtrack to your childhood, whether you knew it or not... and they will join us for our tenth anniversary, on the year that they were admitted in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame... We can't wait for the show!!!

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David Wilcox

In 2013, David Wilcox brought his epic blues rock sound to the Wild Mountain Stage. And you'd better believe he was one of the artists we had to have back for Wild mountain 10.

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Digging Roots

Imagine an AK-47 that shoots love. The notion is audacious, to say the least. But audacity is Digging Roots’ stock in trade. 

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Jake Buckley

Jake Buckley was working a 9-5. But after he earned a spot at Wild Mountain via our Mashup competition, he quit his job to pursue the dream. And this year, he’s back on the map, bringing his essential Canadiana Sound to the Wild Mountain stage.

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Swear By The Moon

Edmonton duo Swear by the Moon have been creating powerful harmonies since 2010. No one genre defines Zachary Moon and Meagan Loves; they create a performance that’s unforgettable. See them Friday night at the Original Crossroads.

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The Bitterweed Draw

This riotous and swaggering six-piece honky-tonk juggernaut has ignited crowds from coast to coast.

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The Sadies

Rebelling against the corporate country standards in the same way the outlaw movement did in the 70’s, modern alt-country heroes The Sadies come to the Original Crossroads as part of our incredible Friday night lineup.

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Saturday is shaping up to be another great day of music at Wild Mountain. You will be treated to some singer, songwriters with Corin Raymond and Braden Gates, The Mad Dog Experience will help dance the afternoon away and then a big finish; really big!

Randy Bachman

We are pleased to bring a Canadian Rock legend to the Wild Mountain stage. Few Canadian artists have impacted the Canadian music scene more than Randy Bachman. From his early days in Winnipeg to the Guess Who and then with Bachman Turner Overdrive, his songwriting was the soundtrack to so many peoples' teen years. Bachman is one of the architects of Canadian rock and roll. Come and spend an evening with Randy Bachman at the Original Crossroads. Can it get any better?

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A Tribute to Joe Cocker - The Mad Dogs Experience

Boogie Patrol, one of Alberta’s hottest bands, joins forces with many friends to fill the stage for this very real interpretation of one of music’s great voices, Joe Cocker.

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Big Sugar

Big Sugar's first performance at Wild Mountain was epic, which is why they are back for our tenth anniversary. The band's unique take on Rock & Roll and the power of their live performance makes them perfect for Wild Mountain 2017. Don't miss Big Sugar at the Original Crossroads!

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Braden Gates

Braden Gates is a contradiction. His clothes, instrumentation, and songwriting style rings of a much older man, but his performances and passion show his true, youthful age. Seamlessly moving between fiddle and guitar, his songs tell tales of adventures in Edmonton and nights on Whyte Ave. We think he’ll fit right in on the Wild Mountain stage.

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Corin Raymond

Corin Raymond is a troubadour with robust veracity. His songs are covered by Dustin Bentall, The Good Lovelies, The Strumbellas, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, and a far-flung community of roots musicians and enthusiasts. Raymond's latest recording, Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams, was nominated for a JUNO award. It is a great recording... dark and hypnotic. Raymond is a story teller with great commitment to his songs.

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Scenic Route to Alaska

Substance and accessibility are often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route to Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both. The easy going Edmonton-based trio, effortlessly weaves catchy vocals and memorable melodies through rich arrangements – They are a returning act; they are always a crowd favourite.

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The Provincial Archive

One of Edmonton best alt-bands. Stylistically, they are unique and interesting and we can't wait to welcome them to the Wild Mountain Stage. If you don't know the band, this is one of the performances you should make time for!

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A Sunday to remember!

Matt Andersen

Political and personal are two great ways to describe Matt Andersen’s new record, “Honest Man”. He brings this album, along with his incredible multi-award-winning European and Maple Blues catalogue of tracks, to the crossroads. Catch this incredible blues act right here at Wild Mountain.

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Basia Bulat

Wild Moutain is super excited to have Basia joint us for our tenth anniversary. She has been tearing up the festival curcuit and has been nominated both for a Juno and the prestigious Polaris Music Prize; a special talent for a special Sunday at Wild Mountain.

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Dana Wylie

Dana Wylie's crystal clear voice will cut straight through to your heart, and just to make it a fair deal, her songs will give you a direct route into hers. Once described as "kind of like if Woody Allen wrote for Joni Mitchell," this is music that will not bullshit you, but it will move you. See you on Sunday at Wild Mountain!!

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Sam Tudor

What do you get when you cross the sounds and styles of the big city with the peace and serenity of the wild? What about if you take that contradiction and throw in a love of historic visions of the future and dystopian possibilities yet to be realized? Sam Tudor. He’s like Wild Mountain… Not quite any one thing, something you have to experience to understand.

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Scott Cook & the Second Chances

Edmonton's world-traveling troubadour is returning to Wild Mountain with his trusty shipmates the Second Chances (Melissa Walker and Bramwell Park) and his sixth album, Further Down the Line. Honest, road-worn, and refreshingly human, these are sturdy songs for shaky times. Cook's Pass It Along has become an anthem for Wild Mountain and we love having him and the Second Chances back at Wild Mountain.

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The Jerry Cans

Each year Wild Mountain brings back the "Crowd Favourite" from the previous Wild Mountain. That is the performer, that you didn't know, who blew you away. The Jerry Cans did just that in 2017 and we excited to have them back with their high energy performance, which a fusion of traditional, reggae and electric… a great addition to our Friday!

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