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Miss Carolyn was forced into music and on to the piano by her parents at a young age (Don't worry- most of the abuse was of a musical nature). She took up the guitar in the early 90's when a member of her all-girl band quit over a dispute involving $20. That band broke up obviously and Carolyn "went solo" or at least started using her own name. She toured to Newfoundland and back in a Honda Civic with her real life Room-Mates and with that trio's inevitable demise she started using The New Best Friends as a band name. Freshly back from Europe, Miss Carolyn aka The Boozy Chanteuse and reiging Queen of Vancouver Island is excited to play Wild Mountain with her New Best Friends- Mr Justin Perkins on the Albertan telecaster, Miss Terri Upton (who also serves as Miss Mark's therapy human) on the upstanding bass with Cat and Leisha from This Way North on drums and slide guitar all the way from Australia.

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