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2017 was a huge year for the duo. With over 120 live shows across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, This Way North wove their magic for audiences from the Yukon, just 200kms south of the Arctic Circle, to the Northern Territory’s sweeping central desert and the geysers of Rotorua.

Lead single 'Nothing to Say' sets the tone for this new EP, with it’s driving cross-rhythms and harmony-rich vocals. Ethereal yet upbeat, the song captures the essence of wanting to just be still and unwind, of waking up in the morning and getting out of your head.

'Head Above Water' takes a different turn, featuring mid-noughties-style guitar riffs, sun-drenched lyrics and a rolling drone that begs to carry you downstream with it. In contrast, 'Make It Work' will have you up and dancing to funk-infused beats and the kind of sing-a-long refrain that’s been known to fill arenas.

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