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2015 Sponsors

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Diamond Sponsors


Alberta Foundation of the Arts

The AFA is an important part of bringing the arts to Albertans and they are a critical part of Wild mountain. Thank your for the vision to support this important community initiative.


Platinum Sponsors

$5000 to $24,999

Alstar Oilfield Contractors

Alstar has been involved for several years now and for 2017, they bought the festival a new beer tent...Thanks to everyone at Alstar for being such a good partner.


CKUA Network

Thanks to CKUA and their unbelievable support of Wild Mountain. CKUA's listeners are our patrons. We love working with CKUA.


Real Country Radio

From the phone-ins to news coverage, Real Country helps spread the word. Thank you for your support


Sundog Tours

The Sundog Shuttle has become an important part of the show. The buses run between Hinton & the festival site to get you there before the music starts and to get you home after the music is over.Titan Specialty Hauling - 2015 was our first year working with Titan. Some sponsors provide the money, but Titan pitched in with equipment and personnel as. Happy to have them on board again this year.


The Boom

The Newcap network has been fabulous to work with. Unbelievable coverage in west-central Alberta with The BOOM and Real Country and coverage in some of the tough to reach markets in Alberta through their network of stations.


Town of Hinton

Wild Mountain only happens with thousands of hours of citizen's time from in and around Hinton. Thanks to the Town of Hinton for their investment into the marketing program and for allowing Emily Olson to be involved. Thank you.


Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta has supported Wild Mountain matching our promotional dollars, allowing us to tell more people about our fabulous festival.


Wild Orchid Liquor Company

Brian & Tracy are both heavily involved in the planning process and Tracy and her team makes it easy to get the beer to the big-kid's tent... we couldn't do it without you!


Gold Sponsors

$3000 to $4,999

Big Berland Construction

Its nice to get the job done, but Big Berland always does it with a smile. Thanks for being awesome.


Morad Communications

Staying in touch in our somewhat rustic location is tough. Morad has always done that for us. Their customer service is the best and Joel and Lisa are some of our most important field dancers!!


Pioneer (The Dunn Family)

The Dunns have been involved in every construction project and with the equipment we have acquired over the years, secure storage is important. Thanks to Pioneer for always being there to get the job done.


Servus Credit Union

Wild Mountain banks at Servus, their staff always provides volunteer support and the Servus Community Improvement Grant is really appreciated.


The Hinton Voice

Thanks for the great coverage of our event.


Yellowhead County

We have gotten great support from the County for permits and police, fire and ambulance coverage. This year the County has invested in our social networking program to help promote Wild Mountain province wide.


Silver Sponsors

$1500 to $2999

Hinton Golf Club

Every year the golf club provides golf carts so we can keep people safe and move around the site efficiently, but without disturbing anyone.


West Central Contracting

Whenever we need something, Todd or Paul seem to come through for us. Moving the equipment we need to put on the show or for gravel on the roads to get you to the show, West Central has been a great partner and has been part of bringing Wild Mountain from the beginning.


Bronze Sponsors

Up to $1499

Athabasca Inn & Suites

Caylor Contracting

Our lawn needs are significant and Caylor makes sure it looks good for when everyone shows up. Every year Caylor seems to step up just a little bit more. Thanks so much for being so damn awesome!!!

Helmig Fire Equipment

Keeping everyone at the festival a little safer with remote fire fighting units and all the safety gear we use each year.

Hinton Scrap

Schnitzer was a good partner to Wild Mountain. Recently, Eric and his team has taken over and they are helping us keep the site pristine! Thanks to a new addition to our local business community..

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Re/Max 2000

If you were at Wild Mountain in the past you'll likely remember the Re/Max people hauler. Thanks to Marcel and his team for bringing a solution to a problem. You made the parking situation really work and we are looking forward to more of the same this year!

Twin Pines Inn & Suites

Hinton Golf Club


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