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Become a Vendor

Become a Food or Art Vendor at Wild Mountain!

It did take us a while to iron the wrinkles in the new website, but everyone agrees, its a big improvement. We thank the Vendors who have come before and we look forward to a full field this year.

The lineup, as always, is amazing and our marketing has never been as focused.  We expect a good crowd at Wild Mountain. The weather is always an important consideration, and so this year, Wild Mountain is pleased to announce that "the weather is going to be perfect for the month of July" . With the perfect weather comes hungry and thirsty crowds.  We are hoping for between 6,500 and 9,000 for the weekend.

We are looking for a diverse offering from our Food and Art Vendors on the most beautiful festival site on earth!

If you are an Art Vendor, click: Wild Mountain Music - Art Vendor

If you are a Food Vendor, click: Wild Mountain Music - Food Vendor

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